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The greatest treasure is always best hidden. Such is the Golubinka cave - magically beautiful and accessible only from the sea. Golubinka Cave is a real natural phenomenon, and a visit to the cave is an adventure you should not miss. Located near the bay Brbinjšćica, another natural attraction of Dugi otok, this narrow cave is special in that it has an opening at its top through which the sun's rays penetrate. When the sun illuminates the interior of the cave through this opening, a miraculous natural phenomenon is created where the cave is illuminated by a whole spectrum of green, turquoise and purple reflections, and the intensity of colors and their reflection changes as the sun passes. Experience nature in all its magnificence on a full-day or half-day trip to this wonder of nature. 

Half day trip

The half-day trip lasts five and a half hours and starts in Brbinj in front of the ferry where a guide will meet you. After a 15-minute van ride, you will reach the white sandy beach of Veli Žal, one of the most beautiful destinations on Dugi otok. Here you can choose what you want to do - enjoy the beach and swimming, explore the surroundings in a kayak or join a guide on the island of Mežanj.

After two hours, the van will take you to another bay where a real adventure begins! You can jump off a cliff, kayak, swim and dive in the stunning Golubinka Cave which changes colors as the sun changes its trajectory. Embark on this unforgettable adventure that you will remember for a long time.

PRICE: 90,00 eur per person (adults and children from 6 years old) 

31.05. – 18.07.: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 12am from Brbinj
19.07. – 25.08.: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at 12am from Brbinj
26.08. – 29.09.: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Frit 12am from Brbinj

Min 4 persons; max 7 persons

Full day trip

As with a half-day trip, after meeting the guide, the van will take you to the bay where the kayak adventure begins. During the tour you will come across secret coves, numerous sea caves and high cliffs. After exploring these natural beauties and diversity, return to the starting point and go to the north of the island where you will enjoy a meal.

The second part of the trip follows, in which you will kayak to the special attraction of Dugi otok - the sunken ship Michelle. It is inhabited by many fish and even corals, and provides a truly spectacular snorkeling experience.

The last part of the tour is no less impressive. Finally, we take you to the white sandy beach Sakarun, one of the most famous attractions of the Long Island, where you can relax, swim and play a local game - picigin.

PRICE: 115,00 eur per person (adults and children from 6 years old) 

Price includes (both options)

  • Full sea kayaking gear
  • ACA certified local guide
  • Dry bags for personal belongings
  • Insurance

What to bring

  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Extra shirt
  • Sun protection
  • Food and drinks  (there is the option of eating at a camp restaurant for around €10)
The price does not include transfer to Brbinj. 
 In case of a bad weather, trip is cancelled.

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