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If you like a more active vacation or you just get tired of lying on the beach, we have the perfect activity for you - kayaking in the Telašćica Nature Park. As part of the nature park, Telašćica Bay is known for its breathtaking beauty that you simply must experience, and kayaking is an ideal way to do it.

Telašćica Bay is perfect even for beginner kayakers because it is one of the safest natural bays on the Adriatic. It is protected from winds and waves, and the speed of boats in it is limited, so you can be absolutely sure that you will enjoy the best kayaking experience.

Exploring the Telašćica bay with kayaks begins in the Podugopolje bay, where the kayaks themselves are located. The recommended route is eight kilometers long, and there are small hidden bays for swimming, diving, underwater educational trail and the bay Mir with Salt Lake and an unforgettable view from the "Rock". A truly unforgettable experience.

RTM OCEAN DUO sit on top kayaks are available, modular kayaks that can be used for one or two people and two adults with a child from 4 to 8 years old. In addition to the kayaks themselves, the equipment also includes oars, vests, seats, a 10l barrel for dry things and a map of the area . If you come by your own car, you can park in the bay Podugopolje, and if you do not have a vehicle, we will provide transportation from Sali to the bay and back.

The price of a daily kayak rental in the organization of own transport is 40,00 eur per kayak with an additional surcharge for a ticket to the Telašćica Nature Park.

Telašćica Park price list is on link: https://pp-telascica.hr/pricelist/?lang=en
The price of daily kayak rental with transfer is 60,00 eur per kayak and includes:
  • Kayak rental for one or two people
  • Ticket to PP Telašćica for up to two people
  • Transfer Sali/Zaglav - PP Telašćica - Sali/Zaglav
  • self guided tour


What to bring:
  • Towel swimsuit
  • An extra shirt
  • Sun protection
  • Food and drink


What are you waiting for? Let's paddle towards one of the most beautiful nature parks on the Adriatic! 

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